Already hampered by vaccine hesitancy, Louisianians’ health could deteriorate further.


Already hampered by vaccine hesitancy, Louisianians’ health could deteriorate further.

Due to the rapid development of the highly transmissible Delta Variant, Louisiana is one of several states experiencing a significant increase in coronavirus cases, but the state may be uniquely positioned to witness the worst effects yet.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s COVID-19 hot spot forecasts, Arkansas, Florida, and Louisiana have the greatest rolling average of daily cases in the US, based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While Louisiana isn’t the only state where hospitalizations are on the rise, hospital authorities believe the state’s people will fare considerably worse if they become infected than residents in Arkansas or Florida.

“What concerns me is the prevalence of various co-morbidities in areas like Louisiana and Mississippi. Despite its older population, Florida is a healthier state than Louisiana and Mississippi, according to Dr. Sandra Kemmerly, system medical director of hospital quality at Ochsner Health.

“Not only do we have a low vaccination rate, but we also have folks who had severe underlying health concerns before to COVID, so those two factors are certainly a prescription for disaster,” she stated.

In its America’s Health Rankings 2020, the United Health Foundation classified Louisiana as the unhealthiest state in the US last year.

Obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are all far more common in Lousianians, according to the yearly study. In all three categories, the state ranked in the bottom ten. Louisiana residents are much more prone to suffer from many chronic illnesses. In COVID-19-infected people, all of these factors have been linked to more severe illness.

Despite the fact that Florida has a greater geriatric population, experts suggest that older people have already been vaccinated, while younger groups appear to be missing out.

Although COVID-19 did not cause hospitalizations in young people at first, the Delta variation is putting more young people in hospitals than ever before.

The Delta Variant could worsen the likelihood of coronavirus patients in Louisiana, where unvaccinated, younger people are more likely to have underlying medical issues.

“There are younger people who have risk factors for more severe COVID disease,” Kemmerly added, citing obesity as the most common [cause]anecdotally linked to worse disease. This is a condensed version of the information.


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