Alabama Councilman Will Not Apologize for Using the N-Word, May Run for Mayor


Alabama Councilman Will Not Apologize for Using the N-Word, May Run for Mayor

Despite calls for his resignation, a white municipal councilman in Alabama who was caught on tape using a racial slur toward Black people declared during a council meeting that he refuses to apologize and may run for mayor.

Tommy Bryant, a member of the Tarrant City Council, informed local news sources that he used the n-word to reflect something said by the city’s Black mayor, Wayman Newton, during a previous private meeting.

In the video, Bryant rises from his seat at a public council meeting and asks, referring to Veronica Freeman, a Black female council member, “Do we have a home [n-word] in here?”

The show, which was broadcasted on Facebook Live, had audible gasps from the crowd. Bryant was unapologetic when Freeman left crying.

“I completed the task at hand. Bryant told WVTM-TV, “It has to be brought to light what kind of person the mayor is.”

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The mayor stated the video speaks for itself and declined to comment.

Bryant refused to say whether he is a racist when asked.

“It depends on your interpretation of the word racist. I might be a racist, according to a lot of people’s definitions. However, according to the true definition of a racist, he is not,” he told the broadcaster.

Bryant did not respond to an Associated Press email seeking additional comment sent to the city on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that city elections in Alabama are nonpartisan, the state Democratic Party called for Bryant’s resignation, and the Alabama GOP pointed out that Newton is a Republican and claimed Bryant’s remark was “absolutely inappropriate.”

According to Census data, Tarrant, which borders Birmingham, has a population of roughly 6,100 people and is about 53% black.


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