Aiden Leo’s sister, ‘Hopeful,’ is the Bounty on a 6-year-Killer, old’s which quadruples to $200,000.


Aiden Leo’s sister, ‘Hopeful,’ is the Bounty on a 6-year-Killer, old’s which quadruples to $200,000.

On Tuesday night, a vigil was held in honor of the 6-year-old boy who was killed in an apparent road rage shooting in California.

Aiden Leos was fatally shot on the 55 Freeway near Los Angeles at around 8:00 a.m. local time on Friday by an individual who was reportedly driving a white Volkswagen station wagon.

The driver of the Volkswagen allegedly cut off Joanna Cloonan, the child’s mother, who claimed she retaliated by flipping them off.

When Cloonan moved the car to a different lane on the freeway, a gunman in the back of the station wagon allegedly opened fire on the vehicle, striking the child in the back.

Officer Florentino Olivera of the California Highway Patrol told Los Angeles news station KTLA-TV, “It was an isolated road rage incident between the mom and another driver from a white sedan.”

Aiden’s family gathered for a vigil on the overpass of the 55 Freeway, where the 6-year-old was fatally shot, on Tuesday evening, just days after his death.

According to The Orange County Register, Aiden’s sister Alexis Cloonan said while surrounded by relatives, “I’m just thankful my brother gets to have a funeral as beautiful as he is.”

She said, “I’ve been reading all of the comments people have left, and it’s crazy to me that strangers can be so caring.” “My mother enjoys reading all of the comments as well.”

The vigil was attended by family members and five members of the community, according to the Register. “Justice for Aiden” and “you are missed Lil one” were among the messages scrawled on the overpass wall.

Carla Lacy, the child’s step-grandmother, announced at the vigil that a reward for information leading to the shooter’s identification had quadrupled from the $50,000 set aside on Sunday from money raised on a GoFundMe page to help the family.

“As of tonight, the reward has been increased to $200,000.” “This $200,000 will be used to apprehend and convict the man and woman who murdered Aiden,” Lacy explained.

On Monday, Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner said that he would match the family’s funds, while Supervisor Katrina Foley promised another $50,000 on Tuesday, according to The. This is a brief summary.


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