After the email dump, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Fire Fauci Act has doubled its co-sponsors.


After the email dump, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Fire Fauci Act has doubled its co-sponsors.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s call for Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), to resign is gathering support among her Republican colleagues in the House.

Greene has been a vociferous critic of Fauci, and in May he sponsored the Fire Fauci Act, which would decrease his pay to zero. The release of thousands of pages of Fauci’s emails only added to Republican criticism of the infectious disease specialist, and five more House Republicans have signed on to Greene’s bill in the week after they were released.

Greene had four co-sponsors for the Fire Fauci Act before the emails were disclosed. Reps. Mo Brooks and Greg Steube agreed to co-sponsor the bill on Tuesday, bringing the total to nine.

On Friday, Reps. Buddy Carter, Bob Good, and Matt Gaetz joined the bill as co-sponsors. Carter told Washington Newsday that he signed the bill in order to ensure that America “completely understands” what happened and why it happened, and that “it never happens again.”

“We need strong leadership to do this, not Dr. Fauci, who simply wants to stay relevant and control Americans’ lives. We’ve all seen firsthand how concerning Fauci’s emails are, and it’s past time for him to step down,” Carter added.

The bill does not directly remove Fauci from his post at the NIAID, but it does decrease his income to zero until a new director is appointed. It criticizes Fauci’s original suggestion against wearing masks and changes the herd immunity threshold.

Greene’s bill would also require an examination of Fauci’s office’s emails, text messages, policy papers, and financial transactions from October 2019 to December 31.

Greene’s bill has gained more momentum since Fauci’s emails were disclosed on June 1, but it is unlikely to become law. It would need Democratic support to pass, which it is unlikely to get because many Democrats are siding with Fauci, and Greene has a tense relationship with the other side of the aisle.

Greene’s not backing down from her criticism, though, and on Tuesday, advocated for Fauci to be held criminally liable for the pandemic. She told Steve Bannon on his podcast that Fauci “needs to get a. This is a brief summary.


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