After the election, the conservatives are preparing for an encouraging “Abort Culture” movement.


In front of a house in a neighborhood 30 miles north of Los Angeles, a family had no problem putting up a yard sign for Mike Garcia, a Republican who is running for Congress. They also supported Donald Trump, but they refused to plant his sign on their lawn even after another neighbor had provided them with one.

“I did not want my car to be vandalized,” said the man of the house.

Down the street; same thing.

“A sign for a generic Republican is safe, a ‘Keep America great’ sign for Trump is not,” said the homeowner.

The so-called “Cancel Culture” seems to be about censoring conservative speech not only in places like Twitter, Facebook and Google – which the Republicans believe is a routine occurrence – but also in real life. Since Trump and Joe Biden have so far fought a draw, one could argue that the practice of the right’s rejection has had some success and will be in the left’s playbook for years to come.

Before the Ohio election, nurse Mary Jo Schuette also feared repercussions if she were to put up a Trump sign in her family’s yard.

“My younger son told me we should do that, so we did. I was embarrassed by my 12-year-old,” she said, “Shortly after we put it up, someone took it down and threw it in the street.

“Freedom of speech is under attack in our country, and Americans suffocate daily under the weight of the PC Cancel culture,” said Jonathan Jakubowski, author of Bellwether Blues: A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul, published this year by Ballast Books.

Should Biden win, it would be “a victory for the Cancel culture. There is a sincere and justified fear of how the left will use its power to crush all opposition votes,” Jakubowski told Washington Newsday.

If the Americans had not thought about the cancellation of culture when they voted, they should have done so, said radio host Dennis Prager, who last year made a documentary on the subject called No Safe Spaces.

“Given that we are in the midst of the most serious threat to freedom of expression in American history, I cannot imagine a more important consideration when it comes to voting,” Prager told Washington Newsday.

“Very many people have realized that the Democratic Party is not a liberal party, but a left-wing party,” Prager said. If Biden wins, it will be “such a great victory for the Cancel culture that America will virtually enter a neo-totalitarian era in terms of freedom of speech, the most important of all freedoms. … We should return the Statue of Liberty to France and allow leftist mobs to destroy the Liberty Bell.

Garcia, who is waiting to see if he will keep his seat in Congress after Tuesday’s close election, told Washington Newsday that there were “people who suffered damage to their property because they showed pride in the president. He noted that an 82-year-old Republican was attacked at a double rally by Trump-Garcia in Lancaster, California.

“Some kid ripped off his mask that said ‘Trump’ on it and the two got into a scuffle that ended in a full-scale fight in which the kid was arrested for elder abuse, all because of a Trump mask,” he said.

David Tootle, a black man in Georgia, said his Trump flag was burned on his lawn and when he hung a second one up, it was set on fire as well, although neighbors who announced their support for Joe Biden had no such problems.

“We are teaching our children right now that you can’t be intimidated in this Cancel culture,” Tootle told Fox News on Monday. “So we have about five flags. I have two of them hanging over my house right now.”

Anecdotes about flags, yard signs, and Trump coronavirus masks are one thing, but there is empirical evidence for the existence of a Cancel culture, digital and otherwise, because a July survey by the Cato Institute National found that 62 percent of Americans censor themselves to avoid saying something that others find offensive.

More than half of both parties agreed with this, with the number being significantly higher among Republicans (77 percent) than among Democrats (52 percent). A majority of only one group, the “strong liberals” (58 percent of them), stated that they felt free to express their true convictions.

And a Rasmussen poll in September showed that 17 percent of voters who strongly supported Trump neither supported my


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