After realizing it’s only 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Americans mock the British “heatwave.”


After realizing it’s only 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Americans mock the British “heatwave.”

After realizing that temperatures are merely 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Americans are criticizing the British for their “heatwave.”

After an American woman came across a news post stating the warmest day of the year in England thus far, a tape has gone viral on TikTok.

“UK sees hottest day of 2021 as temperatures jump to 31.6°c,” the headline reads. “I wonder how much it is in Fahrenheit,” a lady named Rae says in a voiceover in the clip, which has since been deleted.

It shows her going to a website to convert the temperatures, only to be disappointed when she discovers that it only equals to 88.88 degrees Fahrenheit. She declares, “The British are p******.”

The video was made by an enraged British man named Imeyrick, who wanted to protect his compatriots while also illustrating why British infrastructure makes hot summers nearly miserable.

“For starters, we don’t have air conditioning anywhere,” the 27-year-old remarked. Aside from, say, retail establishments. It will be available in some locations. However, most homes lack air conditioning. They don’t have air conditioning, so the best we can do is bring our own.

“The second point is that our structures are insulated to hell. Because our summers are normally pleasant and our winters are typically frigid. As a result, our structures are built to retain heat in order to save energy expenses.

“And, finally, your body will acclimatize to the climate in which you dwell. We don’t get much hot weather, and when we do, it only lasts two to three weeks. Because our bodies don’t have enough time to acclimate, they can’t take the heat.”


Leave us alone, we’re hot, #stitch with @rae harmon

iMeyrick’s original sound

“Educate yourselves,” he said at the end of his video, which he uploaded on Tuesday.

The video was simply captioned, “Leave us alone, we’re hot,” which can be viewed here. It has been viewed over 200,000 times as people weigh in on the argument, with the majority of people siding with the British.

“I’m from California, so 103F summers are no problem for me,” Tori Vollmer wrote. I’m in Kent, it’s 80 degrees outside, and I’m dying. There is no way out. It’s a significant difference without having air conditioning.”

Sabrina agreed, saying, “I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and the. This is a condensed version of the information.


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