After money vanished, Matt Gaetz and his fiancée claim they were targeted in a botched yacht deal.


After money vanished, Matt Gaetz and his fiancée claim they were targeted in a botched yacht deal.

Representative Matt Gaetz and his fiancée Ginger Luckey believe they were targeted in a botched boat transaction after money wired to seal the deal “went missing.”

According to WFLA-TV, Gaetz and his wife “became the subject of a financial crime” after they were “targeted by hostile actors” during the purchase of a boat in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The congressman’s office has yet to respond to the local news outlet’s follow-up questions on the transaction’s specifics.

When Gaetz and Luckey were sighted evaluating the yacht, dubbed Ol Pappy, for a process known as the survey, the yacht was listed for $155,000.

According to Jon Golly, who owns a sailboat close Ol Pappy, it was “definitely” Gaetz who was inspecting the boat that day, according to WFLA-TV.

“While they were performing the survey, he was on the phone the entire time,” Golly added. “And he came to a halt in front of our boat and said hello to Nancy and me. It was unquestionably him.”

However, the sale for the yacht fell through approximately a month after the couple completed the survey.

The alleged crime is “both known of and actively pursued” by federal law enforcement, according to Gaetz’s office, who would not identify which agency is investigating the case.

The FBI did not confirm or deny that such an investigation was underway.

Witnesses claim it looked that Gaetz and Luckey planned to rename the yacht Thirsty after Ol Pappy was removed from the yacht around the time the purchase was set to close. The boat’s port of entry was also shifted from St. Petersburg to Niceville, which is located in Gaetz’s district.

Given that the transaction hadn’t closed yet, Golly thought it was a little early for the couple to change the boat’s name.

“Without ownership of the yacht, it’s a little premature,” Golly remarked. “If it were my boat, I’d be in big trouble. That is my child.”

The boat was eventually sold to another buyer in a deal that finalized last week, according to Brett Harris, the owner of the company that arranged the trade.

This is the latest in a string of financial squabbles that Gaetz has faced in recent months.

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