After leaving a negative company review online, a man was sued and his properties were seized.


After leaving a negative company review online, a man was sued and his properties were seized.

After writing negative reviews of an Irish company online, a man in Lubbock, Texas, claims he was sued and forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Timothy Castleman, according to the lawsuit, hired the Offline Assistant, a Dublin-based company, in 2015 to help him with various tasks in order to grow his online business.

According to court documents, Castleman and the Offline Assistant had several financial disagreements and instances of miscommunication while working together.

Following those disagreements, Castleman claimed that the company’s errors caused him to lose up to $8,000. According to Everything Lubbock, this prompted him to write negatively about his experience with the company on social media and in online reviews.

In an interview published Monday, Castleman said, “I never thought I could be personally held accountable for a business review.” “I just say, ‘Hey, this is what I experienced as a customer with this.’ $8,000 would bankrupt a lot of people, just as it did this company.”

According to Everything Lubbock, Castleman was first asked to remove the reviews, claiming that they were false and that he owed over $300,000 in defamation damages. When Castleman refused to pay, the company sued for up to $1 million in damages.

Castleman made “false defamatory and disparaging comments” through a variety of media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google reviews, and an online blog, rather than directly dealing with the financial disputes, according to the company.

“Defendants made and continue to make false defamatory and disparaging comments about Plaintiffs to a myriad of third parties via social media and various other platforms, and his defamatory comments were published industry-wide compounding its injurious impact upon Plaintiffs,” according to Castleman’s lawsuit.

“The Plaintiffs have suffered extreme mental anguish, public humiliation, and embarrassment as a result of the defamatory statements. Plaintiffs have lost business and lost business opportunities as a result of these defamatory statements, as well as damages to their reputation and goodwill, according to the lawsuit.

Castleman told Everything Lubbock that he never received notice of a court date for the case after it was filed, prompting a Lubbock judge to default the case to the company.

As a result, Castleman said, he owed the company. This is a brief summary.


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