After inviting complete strangers to his Thanksgiving meal, a man receives hundreds of responses.


After inviting complete strangers to his Thanksgiving meal, a man receives hundreds of responses.

After receiving over 400 responses to his online invitation, a heart attack survivor from North Carolina plans to spend Thanksgiving with a bunch of strangers.

According to ABC11, Raleigh resident Brian Davis thought this year was the year to give back, so he used his Nextdoor app to see if anyone needed a place to spend Thanksgiving.

The app connects neighbors based on their location, allowing them to share information and communicate.

Residents typically use the social media app to share neighborhood information, lost and found pets and goods, suspicious activity reports, and other things.

Davis, on the other hand, utilized the app to ask locals whether they wanted to spend Thanksgiving with him, whether or not they knew him.

According to ABC11, part of the invitation said, “I have amazing pals and would want to invite anyone, families included, to have a lunch with my friends.”

The Raleigh local received almost 400 answers despite expecting only a few. “I don’t have much, but I’m prepared to offer anything I have,” he told ABC11.

Davis now expects four complete strangers to spend Thanksgiving with him at his house today.

“It has a huge impact. He stated, “I want to be able to give back and serve.” “If that involves money, time, or bending my ear,” says the narrator. Davis’ health concern earlier this year in the form of a heart attack prompted him to focus on the giving aspect of Thanksgiving this year.

“I guess it’s a maturing thing after being sick and almost dying,” he explained. “I’ve taken for 55 years of my life, and to be able to give back means the world to me.” One of the people who responded to Davis’ invitation remarked, “Thank you for restoring my trust in humanity.”

Strangers becoming Thanksgiving guests is a popular internet narrative, as demonstrated by Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench’s story.

Hinton went viral in 2016 after accidentally receiving a Thanksgiving invitation text from a grandmother who texted the wrong number for her grandson.

Dench claimed she was his grandma when Hinton inquired about who he was chatting with, but a few selfies later revealed it was a case of a misdialed number.

Hinton, though, insisted on attending the holiday, asking if he could “still.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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