After his release, Roger Stone accuses Bill Barr of election fraud by the “Deep State” connection


And Donald Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone has accused Bill Barr of being a “deep state bloc” after the Attorney General’s Office denied allegations that Trump lost the election due to widespread voter fraud.

Stone Barr, in a video posted on the right-wing social media website Parler, accused Barr of being involved in a conspiracy theory that there was a secret level of government with unofficial people and advisors influencing important decisions and policies.

Trump has often hinted at the existence of a “deep state” working against him, including recently the claim that the Food and Drug Administration is trying to sabotage him by delaying a possible COVID 19 vaccine. The belief that Trump is waging a secret war against the “deep state” is also a key element of the QAnon movement.

“We have a two-tier justice system, and Bill Barr’s job is to block for the Deep State,” Stone said.

The 68-year-old also hinted that there is “overwhelming and compelling” evidence of voter fraud in the election, although Barr said the Department of Justice had not found any that would lead to a “different election result.

In the clip, Stone also called Barr’s appointment of John Durham as special advisor to investigate the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election “pretty clever”.

“It took Mr. Durham three years to produce nothing at all. We have overwhelming evidence of both treason and crime. And now it is Mr. Durham’s job to bury all this after the election. Bill Barr, you’ll get what you expected.”

Trump often accused Robert Mueller of using his investigation of alleged Russian collusion as a “witch hunt” to undermine his election victory over Hillary Clinton.

Stone was one of the more high-profile charges that emerged from the investigation. He had originally been sentenced to seven to nine years in prison after being convicted of obstruction, witness tampering and giving false testimony before Congress before Barr himself intervened and helped shorten it to 40 months.

Trump commuted the sentence in July, just days before Stone was due to report to prison.

Elsewhere, Lou Dobbs of Fox News also hinted that Barr had been “compromised” by the deep state by claiming that there was no evidence of election fraud.

“When the United States Attorney General makes this statement, he is either a liar or a fool or both. He could be… perhaps compromised,” Dobbs said.

“He may simply be unprincipled, or he may be personally desperate or sick. But there’s no way he can honestly stand up in front of the American people and say that the FBI has been investigating election fraud in this country with any integrity or intensity and then say that it didn’t work.

The Department of Justice has been asked to comment.


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