After her baby starts crying outside, a mother is on the verge of being thrown down with Momma Deer.


After her baby starts crying outside, a mother is on the verge of being thrown down with Momma Deer.

After her infant started wailing outside, a mom stated she almost had a “throw down” with a mother deer.

Hanna Burton was photographing her kid on the deck doing tummy time when he started crying loudly. When she noticed his cries had drawn an unexpected visitor, the 24-year-old caressed his back while comforting him and told him “it’s ok.”

Burton, who hails from Ohio, pans the camera to the treeline, where a doe bounds towards them. Burton swiftly takes up her infant, alarmed, while the deer watches, its ears pricked, watchful.

“Oh no no no, this is my baby,” woman can be heard saying in the video. This is my child. It does not belong to you. Hello, Momma. She considers you to be her child.”

“I’ve never seen this happen before, but I know they can be aggressive, so I wasn’t about to be pummeled by a deer,” she later added.

On Saturday, Burton posted the unusual exchange to TikTok, where it has already received 23 million views. “When your baby begins crying outside and you almost have to throw down with a mommy deer,” she captioned it.

“She was ready to call the baby Tarzan and nurture it as her own,” Onigirli laughed.


When your kid starts crying outside and you almost have to fight a mother deer

Hanna Burton’s original sound

“Let it be known that a woman’s maternal instincts kick in regardless of species,” Tasha said. Auntie deer came to provide emotional support.”

“So you’re telling me I can use my baby as a deer call?” Daddy Dorito inquired.

“Screaming rabbits sound like newborns screaming, and deer are known to help them out,” Shelly McGuire noted. That’s most likely what she was thinking.

“Deer are protective, probably felt it was a smaller animal in distress,” Tim Pregler agreed. Among other things, they’ll battle to safeguard bunnies. They have a good heart.”

“Gil, your child is a magical entity, and they most surely summoned that deer,” Jada joked.


Thank you for watching #stitch with @hannaburton for all the mom shamers.

Hanna Burton’s original sound

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