After being mauled by dogs, a FedEx driver had his arm amputated.


After being mauled by dogs, a FedEx driver had his arm amputated.

After being mauled by two dogs, a FedEx delivery driver in rural Illinois sustained severe injuries to both his legs and arms. Following the attack, the man’s left hand and wrist had to be amputated. According to his brother, he was transported to a St. Louis hospital where he would undergo more surgery.

The attack happened Saturday during a delivery on Pleasant Dale Hollow Road, just north of Kampsville, in Calhoun County, according to police.

The man “had extensive bite wounds to his arms and legs,” according to Calhoun County Sheriff William Heffington. in Illinois stated, “It was really terrible.”

Heffington said the guy, who the victim’s brother identified as Paul Gmoser, was in a “very critical” state and “will likely be in the hospital for some time.”

The breeds of the dogs are unknown. They were either American bulldogs or American pit bull terriers (APBTs), a mix between the bulldog and terrier breeds, according to local media.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted for comment by Washington Newsday.

Mike Gmoser, the patient’s brother, said on Monday, “My brother, Paul Gmoser, was the driver who was attacked.” He had to have his left hand and wrist removed.

“His right arm and both legs have been severely injured. He’s had two surgery so far and likely need more. He was taken out of ICU today,” he added.

According to the victim’s brother, the dogs charged through the front door of the home where the worker was delivering a package. The dogs were reported to have been on top of the driver by the time the homeowner returned to the property.

It is unknown what may have triggered the attack from the dogs. According to veterinarian records, both dogs had received their appropriate shots. Otherwise, they would have been quarantined for 10 days.

The sheriff said the dog owner told authorities he was going to take care of the situation.

The sheriff noted the latest incident was one of the worst bite cases he’d come across in his career. He warned residents to be aware of potential attacks from even the most unsuspecting of dogs, especially in view of the rise in online orders and home deliveries.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the world’s largest dog registry,. This is a brief summary.


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