After attempting to make spaghetti with the Pasta Maker 2000, a man apologizes to Italians.


After attempting to make spaghetti with the Pasta Maker 2000, a man apologizes to Italians.

After attempting to prepare spaghetti with a vintage Pasta Maker 2000 and failing miserably, a man has “apologized to all Italians.”

Zachariah Porter was out shopping at Savers when he came upon the ancient machine on a shelf for $10—but with a 20% off coupon, he got it for only $8.

He couldn’t pass up the price and carried everything home, intending to cook himself a great dinner later that day. Porter, a Massachusetts native, ended up butchering the lunch, documenting the ordeal on his TikTok account, @zzzachariah.

The comical cooking disaster, which was uploaded on Saturday, has received over 9 million views, with viewers admitting they were laughing out loud as they watched him struggle.

When Porter first filmed the appliance on the shelf, he noted, “she looks dusty,” and added, “Still has the styrofoam.” I’m going to get that for ten dollars. Because the instructions are only on a VHS cassette, I’m not sure if has all of the pieces. Oh, look at 1990; she’s 31 years old and stunning.

“So I have to first figure out if she would even turn on, and then I have to figure out how to view a VHS video in 2021. Then I have to figure out how to convert this spaghetti into a shape.”

The 26-year-old noticed he was missing a few critical elements after comparing the graphic to the machine—he couldn’t watch the tape—and recognized he was lacking the circular connection with holes to produce the spaghetti shape.

However, he improvised and went to a homeware store, declaring, “I have an idea.” “Spaghetti in the shower drain.”

He kept his followers updated as he waited to see if it was still working: “The good news is it turns on, the bad news is I switched it on with this in it.” As a result, something went wrong. It’s essentially a personalized measuring cup for all of the ingredients for the perfect recipe, which I shattered.”

Porter, a comedian, put the broken measuring cup back together and duct-taped the drain lid to the machine to replace the missing piece after washing everything. He was also fortunate in that he didn’t need to look for a VHS player, as he explained: “I found the instructions on YouTube.”

On the, he filmed the ingredients. This is a condensed version of the information.


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