After a viral video, a homeless chef becomes the owner of a food truck.


After a viral video, a homeless chef becomes the owner of a food truck.

Thanks to TikTok viewers who donated to assist Tony Rojas get back on his feet and live out his goal, he is now the owner of a food truck in Colorado.

The Dream Machine Foundation, which is owned by Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and former manager of 2Chainz, was responsible for the hefty donation. The non-profit is currently on a 45-day tour of the United States, where they’re helping people realize their ambitions thanks to corporate and online donations.

People who submit their dreams to the foundation’s app, Dreamr—a social network-meets-financial instrument for achieving dreams—become recipients through chance contacts like Rojas’.

Jabaley met chef Rojas at the most recent stop on the tour, who is presently living in a van with his wife after being laid off during the pandemic.

“We were in a Walmart parking lot, and he was crying as he walked up to the bus.” He started crying as he saw the bus with the word ‘dreams’ inscribed on it. We immediately began talking to him, and when I saw his eyes, or rather, saw his purity, he told me about his dream. “I was immediately like, ‘OK, we’ve got to help this person,'” Jabaley explained to The Washington Newsday.

When asked about his ambitions, Rojas stated that he wanted to start a food truck. “All I want to do is make food for people,” he stated in the TikTok video, which has received 47 million views.

“Sometimes you just know someone is exceptional when you meet them. And I believe the rest of the world is seeing what I saw,” Jabaley explained.

After taking Rojas on a grocery shopping trip, he put his cooking skills to the test. Rojas shared his unique cuisine with the crew: nacho tacos. “They were incredible,” Jabaley added.

Rojas got some new clothes and a sharp haircut in a subsequent video uploaded online, albeit he had no idea why at the time. Rojas has his own $40,000 food truck, thanks to the Dream Machine Foundation.

“It’s a little strange because we ate as soon as we got into town.” We ate at a food truck a week before we met Tony, and then again after we met. This is a condensed version of the information.


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