After a test ballot mix-up, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says Rank Choice Voting ‘needs to be re-assessed.’


After a test ballot mix-up, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says Rank Choice Voting ‘needs to be re-assessed.’

After the integrity of the city’s mayoral primary in June was called into doubt, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio suggested that the rank-choice voting system in use during the mayoral elections may need to be “reassessed.”

When asked if it would be wise to reexamine the Ranked Choice Voting method during a virtual press conference on Tuesday, de Blasio answered, “If it turns out it was used well across the board, in all sorts of areas, then I feel good about it.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked if he thought NYC should explore Ranked Choice Voting.

If it turns out to be well-used across diverse cultures, he continues, “then I feel very good about it.” Did voters of various socioeconomic backgrounds rank all five spots? “We need to reassess” if that isn’t the case.

July 13, 2021 — Emma G. Fitzsimmons (@emmagf)

He stated, “I enjoy it if there was approximate equality in how people use their ballots.” “In other words, if you saw consistent voting one through five, or as near to that as possible, in more fortunate and less privileged communities, everyone maximizing the power of their ballot.”

“If it turns out, on the other hand, that we see a real skew, then I think it’s time to reassess,” he said, adding, “because what I don’t want to see is a system that enfranchises some people but not others.”

For the mayoral race, New York City used a new voting system that allows voters to rank candidates by preference rather than selecting only their top choice. Rounds of elimination continue until only two candidates remain, and the contestant with the most votes wins.

Exit polling revealed a tiny gap between Black and white voters casting ballots for five candidates, and de Blasio told reporters, “We need the research to properly understand what happened here.” We haven’t completed that analysis yet.”

And the Democratic Party was thrown into disarray after the Board of Elections (BOE) recanted their vote count report after discovering it had been corrupted by test data that had never been deleted from a computer system.

The Democratic primary election has come to a close. This is a condensed version of the information.


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