After a Taser incident that resulted in a stroke, a Colorado man files a lawsuit against the police.


After a Taser incident that resulted in a stroke, a Colorado man files a lawsuit against the police.

After an officer reportedly tased him, triggering a stroke in May, a 75-year-old Colorado man is suing his local police department, alleging civil rights violations.

Sarah Schielke, the attorney representing the accused victim, Michael Clark, filed the lawsuit. On May 30, two policemen, Nicholas Hanning and Ellie Summers, allegedly knocked on Clark’s door and “physically assaulted” him, according to the report. The city of Idaho Springs and Corporal Richard Sonnenberg are also named as defendants.

Clark is suing on the grounds of arbitrary search and seizure, excessive force, a failure to educate and oversee officers, municipal accountability for unlawful conduct, and a breach of due process.

“Two Idaho Springs Police officers banged on Mr. Clark’s apartment door without warning or warrant, physically assaulted him by kicking him in the leg and punching him in the head, and then tased him while he stood unarmed and in his boxer shorts 8 feet away from them in his apartment posing no cognizable threat whatsoever,” according to the complaint.

Clark is said to have passed out and flown backward, hitting his head on a dining room chair. According to the lawsuit, “his head was split open and bleeding.”

The cops then allegedly took him into the corridor, handcuffing him as Hanning allegedly placed “his knee over and over Mr. Clark’s head and neck, constricting his airway.”

According to the allegation, he lay motionless for 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Clark was brought to the hospital after that. Officer Summers allegedly “falsely advised medical staff” that Clark assaulted officers with a machete, according to the complaint.

After being jolted awake by the officers at his door, Clark supposedly grabbed a “collectible sawfish snout sword.”

Clark suffered a stroke a few days later. He is being cared for in a 24-hour nursing facility while awaiting heart surgery.

“Mr. Clark had done nothing to earn this. He hadn’t broken any rules. He had been sleeping in his bed minutes before everything happened,” according to the allegation.

“They robbed him of his independence, security, and health,” the cops said.

Schielke also shared the incident’s body camera footage.

Clark sued the Idaho Springs Police Department “for their failures to educate and oversee these officers, as well as Idaho Springs’ illegal practices and rules that enabled the officers’ assault on him possible,” according to the attorney. This is a condensed version of the information.


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