After a server makes a racial slur, a black man files a complaint against the restaurant.


After a server makes a racial slur, a black man files a complaint against the restaurant.

After experiencing racial prejudice at a restaurant, a Colorado man claims he is seeking for responsibility.

Shawn Bauck, 25, claimed he and his girlfriend were in Estes Park in March when they stopped by Cousin Pat’s Pub and Grill for a bite to eat.

According to Bauck, their waiter began making insulting remarks about Black people, including the use of the N-word.

Although he appeared to be educated, the white woman warned him that most Black people were “thugs, wife beaters, and gangsters.”

According to Bauck, the woman also defended racism by a police officer buddy based on his contacts with Black people.

“It looked normal at first, and then she just began to go into how she had a friend who is a racist cop in Aurora, Colorado,” said Bauck, a University of Colorado environmental studies major.

“Yeah, my guy is a racist officer, but it makes logical that he is racist because he works with gangsters, thugs, and wifebeaters all day… “Whoa, you can’t say any of that,” I say.

Bauck said he confronted the establishment’s owner, Patrick Beard, after the woman used the N-word.

“This guy is sitting so near to me, like five meters away,” Bauck explained. “I walk over to him and tell him, ‘Hey, your waitress just went on a racist rant at me and called me the N -.’

“And he smirks at me and says, ‘Oh, well, I need to know the context of that.’”

The owner’s reaction spurred Bauck to file a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, according to him (CCRD).

He stated, “There is no reason why your waitress should ever be hurling racial obscenities at people.” “Rather than dealing with the matter as required by law, he chose to defend his employee.”

According to a lawyer representing Cousin Pat’s Pub and Grill, Bauck and his lawyer “mischaracterized” the dialogue with the waiter.

According to the statement, “the proprietor of Cousin Pat’s did not hear or engage in the conversation.” “Cousin Pat’s no longer employs the server who communicated with Mr. Bauck. “The dialogue did not devolve into an attack or discrimination towards Mr. Bauck,” the server said.

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