After a scuffle, a cab driver fatally shoots one passenger and injures another, according to police.


After a scuffle, a cab driver fatally shoots one passenger and injures another, according to police.

After arguing with numerous passengers during a trip in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a rideshare driver in Georgia allegedly fatally shot one person and badly injured another.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, the incident happened around 5:00 a.m. at a Chevron petrol station on Piedmont Circle and Monroe Drive in northeast Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the statement, the driver, Nigel Nembhard, got into an altercation with three males in the back of his ridesharing vehicle.

The argument became heated, and Nembhard is accused of fatally shooting one person and badly injuring another. A third passenger was unharmed in the collision and fled on foot.

Police discovered the two victims lying on the ground outside the automobile, suffering from gunshot wounds. According to NBC affiliate WXIA, the injured passenger is recovering in a local hospital in a stable condition.

According to the TV station, Nembhard was driving for the carpool company Uber at the time of the incident, but the police have yet to corroborate this.

The Atlanta Police Department and Uber have been approached for comment and confirmation by this website.

The cause of the altercation has not been revealed, but Atlanta police Lt. Daniel Genson told WXIA that “at some time, there was an argument inside the vehicle with the driver,” and that “that disagreement finally resulted in shooting.”

The scene yielded two weapons, one of which belonged to the driver. Authorities are trying to figure out who owned the other gun.

Nembhard is cooperating with Homicide Unit detectives, who are “working to determine what led to the dispute,” according to the police statement.

Nembhard is now being held in the Fulton County Jail on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault.

On May 31, an Uber driver was fatally shot when he was waiting to pick up customers in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Police said the incident occurred at around 7:30 p.m. local time when a 39-year-old Uber driver accepted a request for a ride at 23rd Street and 55th Avenue in Cicero, Illinois, according to WGN 9 News.

Four people allegedly attempted to rob the driver when he arrived for. This is a brief summary.


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