After a pool disaster, a heartbroken Great-Grandma is surprised with a $90,000 check.


After a pool disaster, a heartbroken Great-Grandma is surprised with a $90,000 check.

A great-grandma in Indiana was left sad after her in-ground pool collapsed, destroying her beautiful backyard. She was surprised with a $90,000 gift from complete strangers on Tuesday, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Kitty Smith spent her life savings to buy a house where she could spend time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren when she was 80 years old. Despite the fact that the house needed renovation, the backyard had a lovely pool that she wished she could share with her family.

“They were here, swimming and having a good time. I can’t express how fantastic that was. This has been my life’s ambition since I was a child “Smith said 13News about spending time with her family in the backyard this summer.

Smith was surprised to find her pool entirely collapsed into itself on a snowy night in February, and what used to hold water was now full of shattered fiberglass and concrete.

“My entire body began to feel numb and tremble. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what I did “According to 13News, Smith said.

Smith later discovered that her homeowner’s insurance would not cover the replacement costs. Despite the fact that her insurance covered in-ground pool repair, an insurance adjuster told her that she would not receive a penny.

The collapse, which occurred after Smith hired a pool company to cover up her pool for the winter, was thought to be caused by a pool leak that caused the water level to drop dangerously low.

According to 13News, the low water levels combined with the freshly installed cover may have put too much stress on the pool walls, causing the entire structure to collapse.

A pool leak, according to experts, can actually produce a sinkhole, especially if the pool is concrete and the framework is cracked. The main cause of sinkholes, according to the Department of Environmental Protection, is leaking water.

Overaccumulation of snow or ice on the pool cover, as well as draining the pool to the point where the weight of the dirt causes the pool walls to collapse into each other, can cause a pool to collapse.

Smith was advised that her insurance would not cover the leaks in the building, that the clean-up alone would cost $20,000, and that the pool would need to be replaced. This is a condensed version of the information.


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