After a four-day search, a man reunites with his stolen dog in this emotional video.


After a four-day search, a man reunites with his stolen dog in this emotional video.

After being reunited with the help of social media, a man’s tearful reunion with his stolen dog was documented in a wonderful video.

Aaron Morris’ vehicle was stolen from a gas station in North Carolina on May 21, and he was the victim of a car theft.

Morris had recently relocated from Michigan, and many of his personal possessions, including his prescription and, more crucially, his dog Jolene, were in the car at the time.

While Morris dashed into a store, the car was left running to keep the air conditioning on for the Labrador and Pitbull mix.

Prior to the incident, a “person of interest” was caught on camera following Morris and his vehicle.

Following the incident, Morris said on Facebook, “People in the North Carolina area keep a watch out, and Tennessee region, my sad little girl and my uncle’s car were stolen.” The vehicle is a 2007 Buick Lucerne in dark blue. My phone, most of my stuff, and my newborn child were all taken. We just want the puppy back,” I’m sure my uncle will agree.

Morris continued to update his Facebook page with frequent posts about his hunt, even offering a $1500 prize for the dog’s return with no questions asked.

Four days later, on May 25, the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Tennessee shared a post looking for Jolene’s owner. Morris’ phone had been stolen along with the automobile, so she couldn’t be reached at the number on her collar.

“From Springvale Road, a stray female named Jolene was brought in. “We have been unable to contact anyone at the phone number on her tag,” stated the post, which included photos of the dog.

The dots were quickly joined thanks to the power of social media, and Jolene was located.

“I will be forever grateful to society and forever in debt to it. Tomorrow will be a tranquil day in my world. God bless you everybody, and thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Morris wrote on Facebook.

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Morris and Jolene were reunited in a touching video, which has gone viral. This is a condensed version of the information.


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