After 70 people were shot over the weekend, Chicago’s top cop blames lenient courts for the crime wave.


After 70 people were shot over the weekend, Chicago’s top cop blames lenient courts for the crime wave.

After 70 people were shot over the weekend, the Chicago Police Department’s top cop recently blamed the city’s latest crime wave on lenient courts.

During a recent press conference, Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown stated that while the police department has shown courage in combating the city’s crime wave, “violent offenders require more substantial consequences in our courts.”

“What we can do differently is fight the courts to make Chicago safe,” Brown concluded.

Detention of convicts for lengthier periods of time, rather than releasing murders back into the community. That is one of the things we can do differently.”

Brown also urged reporters to challenge city courts in the same way that they question the Chicago Police Department.

“You should approach the courts with a hostile attitude. Brown advised, “Use the same energy you used to ask me that question to ask the judges.” “Why are you releasing violent, dangerous people who Chicago police officers have arrested and charged back into these areas to cause the lawlessness that we see here?”

Brown also stated that he would handle violence in the city differently, such as not releasing murderers back into the city “under electronic surveillance.”

“There are folks who have gone missing from their electronic monitoring. We’d give the sheriff a lot more money. So he’d be able to run an electronic monitoring program and question any and all documentation that justify the release of violent people,” Brown explained.

Brown’s remarks follow the police department’s announcement that at least 70 individuals were shot in the city over the weekend.

There were at least 52 shooting occurrences from Friday through Sunday, according to Chicago Police Department records, including a police-involved shooting on Sunday.

Twelve people were killed out of the 70 people who were shot over the weekend.

A similar event occurred in the city the previous weekend, when 56 individuals were shot, with 12 of them dying.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the rising crime rate in Chicago and President Joe Biden’s efforts to tackle it during a press briefing on Monday.

“When crime rates have been growing for 18 months or more across the country, including in Chicago,” Psaki said, “it’s not going to flip on a dime.” “We’re collaborating with the city of Chicago. It’s one of the five cities with which we’re collaborating. A team from the Department of Justice has arrived. This is a condensed version of the information.


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