Adam Kinzinger Admits “Trump Is Winning,” But Urges GOP to Fight “Lies”


Adam Kinzinger Admits “Trump Is Winning,” But Urges GOP to Fight “Lies”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican and outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump, said in a Saturday video address that Trump is presently “winning” the battle for GOP leadership, but asked GOP lawmakers to stand up to his “total lies.”

On January 6, Kinzinger joined nine other House Republicans in voting to impeach Trump for inciting his supporters to destroy the US Capitol. Kinzinger, along with Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney, has become one of Trump’s most ardent House Republican detractors and is a member of the select committee investigating 1/6.

“A few days ago, my friend [Representative] Anthony Gonzalez announced his decision not to run for re-election. And now the journalists and politicians are debating if this indicates Trump won,” Kinzinger remarked in a video shared on Twitter on Saturday. “So, to answer your question, Trump is currently winning,” the Illinois Republican added.

The numerous Republicans who have stayed SILENT in the attack on our democracy are the GOP’s future. A video statement:

September 18, 2021 — Adam Kinzinger (@AdamKinzinger)

Gonzalez, a Republican from Ohio, voted to impeach Trump as well. Gonzalez’s competitor Max Miller received Trump’s endorsement in February, and the Republican congressman said on Thursday that he will not seek re-election in 2022, calling Trump a “disease for the country.”

Trump is “winning,” according to Kinzinger, because many Republican lawmakers have refused to stand up to the former president. He urged his Republican colleagues to officially repudiate Trump and the election-related disinformation he continues to spew.

“Unless you step up, the Republican Party will not improve,” he added. “Are you going to let the previous president keep telling lies? Ten of us voted to impeach Trump, while the other 180 remained silent. Now it’s their turn. When we all officially declare our allegiances, we will be able to answer the question, “Whose party is this?” once and for all.”

Because of their persistent criticism of Trump and readiness to serve on the January 6 select committee, Kinzinger and Cheney have received a lot of flak from their Republican colleagues.

The House Freedom Caucus, a group of Republican members who are extremely conservative, has encouraged House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a. This is a condensed version of the information.


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