According to the congressman, the party is “torn apart” when it pushes progressive platforms: “Never say ‘socialism’ again.


The MP Abigail Spanberger, a democrat, told colleagues during an emotional phone call on Thursday that the party has to face consequences for supporting progressive platforms. Previous election results suggest that Spanberger, who fought Republican challenger Nick Freitas this year to represent Virginia’s 7th District for another term, has successfully defended her seat in Congress, according to the latest Associated Press update. The Congresswoman formally declared her victory earlier this week despite the AP not officially declaring her race late Thursday afternoon.

Journalists privy to the Democratic Faction’s afternoon call passed on Spanberger’s warnings to less moderate party members and encouraged them to minimize their advocacy of more liberal ideas and policies.

“Never say socialism again,” she said according to Erica Werner, a congressional reporter for the Washington Post. “If we run this race again, we will be torn apart again in 2022,” Spanberger reportedly added. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly pushed back against the Virginia congressmen’s proposal, noting that the Democrats would likely win the U.S. House and possibly the presidency this year.

The Democrats are expected to retain their House majority after Tuesday’s general election, although the party is expected to occupy fewer seats after a handful of losses in January. The party’s position in the Senate remains uncertain, however, and the outcome of the upcoming runoff election in Georgia could potentially determine whether the party gains control of the country. Depending on the outcome of the presidential elections, the party must achieve a net gain of three or four seats in the Senate to gain a majority.

During a telephone conversation with the House of Representatives Democrats on Thursday, Spanberger hinted that the progressive rhetoric of the deputies had negatively influenced some of the congressional elections of the year, including their own.

“We have lost races that we shouldn’t have lost,” the Congresswoman said, according to Werner’s report. Spanberger went on to allegedly claim that her connection to Virginia’s police reform policies “almost cost me my race.

Over the summer, the Congresswoman supported the Justice in Policing Act, a reform bill introduced when millions rallied against police violence and racism across the country. She was later the subject of Republican political charges that attacked her policies, claiming she had “ties to radical Democrats in Virginia” and “groups trying to defend the police.

The AP’s latest data showed that 100 percent of the votes cast in Virginia’s 7th District were on Thursday night. Their breakdown showed a very close race between Spanberger and her Republican opponent, with the incumbent Democrat leading the way with about 1.2 percentage points.

Washington Newsday turned to Spanberger’s office for further comments, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


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