According to a report, a Surfside condo architect was suspended in the 1960s for “gross incompetence.”


According to a report, a Surfside condo architect was suspended in the 1960s for “gross incompetence.”

According to a source, the architect who designed the condo complex in Surfside, Florida, that collapsed last month and killed at least 97 people had previously been reprimanded for “extreme incompetency” after designing collapsed structures.

According to The Real Deal, William Friedman, who designed the Champlain Towers South condo before it was erected in 1981, was suspended from Florida’s architecture board for six months in 1967 for designing structures that collapsed during a big hurricane.

Friedman’s design of sign pylons on top of a Miami commercial building failed to withstand Hurricane Betsy in 1965, causing a temporary suspension by the Florida State Board of Architecture.

According to the board, Friedman’s pylons were “insufficient and terribly inadequate” to resist the hurricane’s wind pressure. Furthermore, the board stated that the pylons did not comply with the local building code or “accepted standards of architectural practice.”

Friedman was found guilty of “severe incompetency” in that he “negligently, incorrectly, and irresponsibly” designed the pylons, according to the five-member board. Friedman attempted, but failed, to overturn the suspension. According to The Real Deal, his ban began on June 1, 1967, and concluded on December 1, 1967.

The news comes a month after the 12-story Champlain Towers skyscraper in Surfside, New York, collapsed on June 24.

Last Friday, rescuers called off their weeks-long search for missing victims after finding only two survivors and 97 bodies. Only one victim, according to authorities, has yet to be recognized.

The exact cause of the collapse is unknown, and authorities have yet to ascertain if Friedman’s architectural design contributed to the accident.

However, various theories about the building’s structural safety have surfaced. The building had damaged tiling on many balconies, as well as inadequate waterproofing on the pool deck, which caused “major structural damage” to the concrete structural slab below, according to a 2018 engineer’s assessment.

Concrete repairs done in the garage were also discovered to be “failing,” resulting in more concrete cracking and spiraling.

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