A woman working on a Boeing 777 reveals a hidden compartment where the crew sleeps.


A woman working on a Boeing 777 reveals a hidden compartment where the crew sleeps.

The compartments where flight attendants sleep—right above passengers—have been exhibited off by a woman who is transforming a Boeing 777 into a unique residence.

Carla, from California, bought the 777-200LR, the “world’s largest commercial twin jet,” in June with the intention of turning it into a vacation rental.

She’s been documenting her progress on her Justaplanehouse TikTok and Instagram profiles as she guts the plane in preparation for transformation. As she published clips depicting a minimalist interior, she removed seats, bathrooms, and even a portion of the cockpit.

“You can clearly see the difference without the overhead bins here; it’s so much more roomy,” she added. “I love this portion of the plane because you can really get a feel of how big the ceilings are going to be,” she said in another film.

As she stripped the plane down to its bare bones, she exposed just how large the inside is, including the sleeping compartment for flight attendants.

As she approached economy, she gave viewers a tour of the jet, saying, “Now we’re getting towards the very middle of the plane, which is where you’ll find staff rest.” That’s the orange box up top. On long-haul flights, this is actually where the flight attendants sleep.”

She pointed to orange boxes in the ceiling, directly above the heads of passengers, where the footage could be viewed.

She enters into the clandestine compartment and provides a mini-tour, saying “staff rest secret chamber,” and asking, “Did you guys know this existed?” in her most-watched video, which has over 5 million views.

“So staff rest is what you see in the orange,” she explained, “and ordinarily this is hidden by overhead bins and ceiling panels.” And no one is aware that it exists. On extended flights, however, flight attendants and crew members use this to sleep. A keycode is generally required to open the door, but because this is a decommissioned airliner and we can do whatever we want, we’ll bypass it.

“Then you climb these steep stairs out, and you can see… there are bunks and seats, and it’s just a relaxing area.” It’s fantastic.”

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