A woman was killed in a shooting outside a Walmart on Thanksgiving Day.


A woman was killed in a shooting outside a Walmart on Thanksgiving Day.

According to authorities, a lady was hurt in a Thanksgiving night shooting in Louisiana during a child custody handover.

According to KLFY, the woman was injured at a Walmart parking lot shortly after 5 p.m. on November 25.

The injured female victim, according to Police Chief Martin McLendon, was the aunt of the child, who was unharmed throughout the incident.

Jordan Sereal, 22, is accused of shooting the woman during the child custody handover before fleeing the scene in a car with another female.

The two were last spotted driving south on I-49 towards Lafayette.

Lafayette police later located the suspect and his female accomplice. The two are awaiting a transfer to Opelousas, where they will face charges.

The woman was hit in the upper torso with a bullet. According to McLendon, she was brought to a neighboring hospital where her condition is classified as stable.

According to KATC, police claimed Walmart was closed at the time of the incident and that there was no danger to the surrounding community.

In other news, Opelousas Police have arrested a 4-year-old girl’s father on suspicion of her murder.

After his daughter was found lifeless in her bedroom over the weekend, Joseph C. Mayon Jr., 36, was arrested on accusations of first-degree murder and second-degree cruelty to juveniles.

Raina Richard was recognized as the young child, according to KLFY. Following the autopsy results, her death was examined as a homicide.

Neighbors have expressed their shock after learning of the 4-year-death. old’s

Albert Denton, a neighbor, told KLFY, “It was a disaster the way it happened.” “We’d see the youngster out here a lot when he was playing.” She was never a nuisance to anyone. “As far as we know, they should keep to themselves.” “We’ve lost a child, so we understand,” Denton continued.

Monica Jones, a neighbor, recalled the 4-year-old as a happy youngster who frequently waved and spoke to her. “It will be strange not seeing her come right there and do that little wave,” she said. “She was like an angel before because she would just wave at me all the time,” Jones added.

After being charged in connection with his daughter’s death, Mayon Jr. is presently being held at the St. Landry Parish Jail.

“The Opelousas,” says the narrator. This is a condensed version of the information.


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