A woman in Arizona discovers a ‘hoard’ of 36 animals living in deplorable conditions.


A woman in Arizona discovers a ‘hoard’ of 36 animals living in deplorable conditions.

The awful conditions in which 35 cats and dogs were discovered have been disclosed by an animal rescue worker in Arizona. According to reports, one dog had not left their room in six years.

Elli Smith, a member of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, often updates her social media accounts with photos of the animals she rescues and the often deplorable conditions in which they have been living. Her previous videos show her rescuing a dog from a landfill and recovering another whose rear legs had been chopped off with a machete.

Two of her most recent TikTok videos, both about a “hoard” of animals, have each received over 2 million views.

A black dog is seen whimpering in the corner of a bedroom in one distressing image. Patches of the dog’s fur had clumped together, and Smith subsequently stated that the dog’s eyes were filled with “horror and perplexity.”

Smith claimed that the dog, named Ducky, had not left the room in years.

“I responded to a call reporting 30+ animals in a hoard,” the captions stated. This is where I discovered this puppy in the corner. The following day, she was scheduled for euthanasia. They claimed she couldn’t be pet since she was feral. She hadn’t stepped out of this room in six years.”

According to the ASPCA, around 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized in the United States each year. There are around 390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats among them.

The amount has decreased from around 2.6 million a decade ago.

Ducky was shaved in the video, and she later looked refreshed with her new shorter coat.

Smith added, “We got her cleaned up, and she’s starting to trust humans again.”


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The rest of the house and several of the cats are seen in a second movie, which can be viewed here. “How could things become this bad?” was the simple caption. It has been viewed 2.5 million times since being uploaded at the end of last month.

The onscreen captions go into further detail, saying: “We were called to a hoard of 36 animals. There. This is a brief summary.


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