A viral video of a man teasing a stingray has sparked debate among animal lovers.


A viral video of a man teasing a stingray has sparked debate among animal lovers.

Viewers are split on whether a man’s seemingly benign viral video in which he seems to tickle a stingray was an act of animal cruelty.

After a TikTok account released a video earlier this week amassing millions of views in which he jokingly shows off a small stingray that ended up aboard his boat, viewers instantly became engrossed in a debate concerning the safety of the aquatic life onboard for an unspecified period of time.

On Monday, an anonymous TikTok user known simply as @mafishingguy uploaded a contentious sea life film to the video-sharing platform.

In the short movie, he approaches a stingray lying on its back on a boat, exposing its underbelly, which resembles a “face” due to the placement of its mouth and gills. He proceeds to pet and “tickle” the creature while wearing a glove on his hand. The stingray’s mouth expands wide and twists into what looks like a smile as the man massages its tummy. Its body also caves in and curls around the gloved hand, as though responding to being tickled in the same way a human would.

The man filming asks, “How do you tickle a fish?” before touching the stingray’s belly and repeating the word “tickle” again and over in fast succession.


There’s nothing to see here…just a #fish being tickled and made to #laugh.

Fishing Guy’s original sound

Since its release, the video has received approximately 47 million views and 5.6 million likes. Many people expressed their delight at the stingray’s “face” and how it appeared to smile in the comments.

One person wrote, “Look at the smile… so cute.” Another said, “Bro, it’s really cute.”

“Look how happy she is if your day was completely boring just watch this video and the sadness will go away,” a fan gushed.

Others took the chance to joke about what the stingray looked like or what it may have been thinking.

“Poor fish looks like he was holding in a fart,” one person joked. “Looks so constipated,” another wrote.

However, thousands took issue that the stingray was out of water and might not have been able to breathe. Self-proclaimed marine experts also claimed that the. This is a brief summary.


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