A video of a bear being scared away by a brave dog has gone viral.


A video of a bear being scared away by a brave dog has gone viral.

This bear would think twice about entering this dog’s property in the future.

A TikTok video of a curious black bear being chased away from a suburban patio by a courageous dog has gone viral.

According to her profile, footage of the encounter was shared on the video-sharing site late last week by the account @hernameisphiladelphia, who also goes by Birdie.

@hernameisphiladelphia is a Twitter handle for a woman named Philadelphia.

#jinx#blackbears #fyp #viral #nature #dog#jinxed#instant did I really say that?

Birdie’s original sound

A small bear climbs onto a second-floor outdoor patio to begin the video. Birdie yells, signaling that there are several bears on the loose.

“Guys, there’s a whole a** dog living there; you’re going to get in trouble!” Birdie expresses herself.

When the bear climbs up the side of the house and onto the ledge of the patio’s fencing, she adds, “You’re going to slip and get hurt.” It surveys the outdoor table and chairs visible in the picture while standing on all fours.

Birdie speculates with a man off-screen that the dog’s owner will not risk letting the dog out with the bear on the porch.

“Well, there’s no way you’re going to miss him,” she says. “It’s not like they’re going to let their dog out by accident.”

A moment later, as if on cue, the dog appears on the porch. It ferociously barks at the bear, which cowers to the corner beam. As the dog continues to bark at the intruder, the bear begins to urinate in fear.

“Oh st!” Birdie exclaims. “Oh, st!”

The video ends with a second bear on the ground below running away quickly as the bear stuck above frantically tries to get away from the dog.

The initial post was viewed nearly 4 million times on TikTok, and received close to 1 million likes. Many could not believe how close the brazen dog—which several viewers assessed to be a boxer—came to the wild animal.

“That boxer or pit [bull]was with ALL THE SMOKE. He turned that bear into a cat QUICK,” one viewer noted. “It’s kinda funny cuz bears are [supposed]to [be]strong and deadly but he got scared by a boxer the cuddliest [breed],” another commented.

Other sympathetic TikTokers expressed concern for the bear’s well-being.

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