A trespasser on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island recalls the most bizarre experience.


A trespasser on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island recalls the most bizarre experience.

Little is known about Jeffrey Epstein’s 70-acre private island, Little St. James, but “urban explorer” Andy Bracco is one of the few who has recently visited it.

Bracco snuck onto the island in August 2020 and documented the experience on his YouTube channel in vlog-style footage. After a commenter labeled the clips “bs,” he shared them on TikTok on May 23 and received over 200,000 views.

Little St. James was bought by Epstein in 1998, and the FBI raided it in 2019 as part of an investigation into alleged sex trafficking of minors. The island is only accessible by private planes and boats and is located in the tax haven of the US Virgin Islands.

A year after the island was seized, Bracco told Washington Newsday that security on the island was still high. “During both of my visits to the island, security was most definitely present,” he said.

“I considered a lot of factors and enlisted the help of as many resources as I thought we needed while attempting to remain undetected. Due to our meticulous planning and other convert entry procedures, we remained completely undetected on both of my visits. The main dock, the main house, and the infrared cameras were all avoided. On the second day-time mission, we were a little more daring, but we still made it out safely.”

“To my surprise, the locals I spoke with were quite receptive to the actions that day. They were more interested in what I saw and how I managed to avoid being caught. I figured they wouldn’t be pleased out of “disrespect.” “to their islands, but I discovered that they were all fascinated by the unknown. I guess that’s the same natural feeling I had when I set out on this mission,” added Bracco.

A focal point of Bracco’s island vlogs is the infamous blue and white temple, which has long been the inspiration for various conspiracy theories about its purpose. The building, which used to have a gold dome on top, was permitted to be a music pavilion according to NBC, but many believe there exists tunnels built. This is a brief summary.


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