A Tesla driver who was suspected of driving under the influence while the car was in autopilot was arrested and taken into custody.


A Tesla driver who was suspected of driving under the influence while the car was in autopilot was arrested and taken into custody.

Southern California officials told local media sources on Friday that a Tesla driver suspected of driving under the influence was arrested Thursday night after allegations that the motorist’s vehicle was on autopilot.

The truck was seen driving after dark with its headlights on along a freeway overpass in the Glendale area, according to video acquired by the Los Angeles news station KABC-TV. The vehicle struck a wall beside the freeway not long after 11 p.m. local time, according to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report obtained by the station. The truck continued going forward after colliding with the wall, according to the station.

Authorities angled their vehicles in front of and behind the vehicle, causing it to slow down, according to aerial footage released on KABC-website. TV’s According to the station, the vehicle eventually came to a halt along the State Route 134 overpass to Interstate 5.

In audio recorded by the station, a radio dispatcher could be heard transmitting information about the incident.

“According to the reporting party, his wife is unconscious in a Tesla. The car is self-driving, according to the dispatcher.

“It ended up TCing into the right shoulder wall and, um, still going,” the dispatcher said, referring to the CHP’s “TC” term for “traffic collision.”

CHP officials were unable to confirm if the vehicle was on autopilot when authorities pulled it to a halt, according to another Los Angeles news station, KNBC.

The driver was taken into custody by CHP officials on suspicion of DUI, according to both stations. The driver’s identity has not been made public.

The CHP’s Southern Division was contacted for comment, but no response was received in time for publication.

According to the Tesla website, the autopilot mode “allows your car to steer, accelerate, and brake autonomously inside its lane.” The autopilot features of the electric car firm’s vehicles “need active driver monitoring and do not make the vehicle autonomous,” according to the company.

In recent months, there have been more instances involving automobiles that had their autopilot functions turned on. According to KFMB-TV, a lady was detained earlier this summer after the Tesla she was driving on autopilot collided with a CHP unit in San Diego. Another crash earlier this year in a region east of Los Angeles was under investigation. This is a condensed version of the information.


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