A New York man was killed while hunting a skunk with a crossbow.


A New York man was killed while hunting a skunk with a crossbow.

On Friday, a 58-year-old man from central New York was slain while hunting with a companion in Cortland County. According to the Associated Press, James R. Parker was struck by a crossbow bolt while he and a companion were attempting to hunt for a skunk.

When New York State Troopers arrived on the scene at 9 p.m., paramedics were already treating Parker. The other hunter dialed 911 from his home in Taylor, New York, which was close to where they were following the skunk.

Parker was accidently shot by the other hunter, according to preliminary investigations. At this point, the man’s identity is unknown.

This website requested an update or comment on this article from the New York State Troopers, and received a press statement outlining the case’s established facts.

Parker isn’t the only victim of a hunting mishap in recent years.

In December 2020, a 52-year-old Alabama man was discovered dead in the woods following an unintentional fall. He was said to have been in a tree stand, an elevated platform used in hunting to provide a better view of an area, when he fell from it and perished.

After he failed to return home later that day, his family began exploring the neighborhood. Police were called to the area when his body was discovered, and they eventually established that it was a real accident with no foul play suspected.

Sgt. Joni Money remarked at the time, “This man was doing everything properly when it came to hunting safety and a terrible event took his life.”

Last November, Charles Donivan, 48, died after falling from a tree stand while hunting in West Virginia and striking his head on a rock. Donivan had been hunting with his son, who used CPR to try to resuscitate him. Unfortunately, he had already left before emergency responders arrived.

A grizzly bear attacked another hunter to death in Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Reserve. The hunter was visiting the park as part of a 10-day moose hunt. This was the first time such a fatality has occurred at the park.


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