A McDonald’s employee was caught on camera punching a customer who assaulted staff over an order.


A McDonald’s employee was caught on camera punching a customer who assaulted staff over an order.

On Monday morning, a lady was arrested at a McDonald’s restaurant after attacking two employees. The incident, which occurred in Ravenna, Ohio, was captured on film and has been viewed more than a million times on Facebook.

According to Cleveland 19 News, an eyewitness, Brian Allen, witnessed the woman, who has been named as Cherysse Helena Cleveland, want a slushie with three flavors combined.

McDonald’s Worker Filmed Punching Customer Who Assaulted Staff Over Order

When the manager told her they could not do that, Cleveland tried to go behind the counter to make her own drink.

Allen began recording when the exchange between Cleveland and the McDonald’s staff became heated. He later shared the video to Facebook where it has been viewed 1.7 million times.

Cleveland is seen in the footage behind the McDonald’s counter, attempting to get past two employees who are obstructing her path. “Get the f*** out, b***,” Cleveland says as he punches the manager in the side of the head.

She pushes the two workers before pulling the manager’s face masks off. When a staff member tells her she will call the police, Cleveland says: “Go ahead, I don’t give a f***,” before saying, “I will go to f****** prison.”

Cleveland makes her way from behind the counter to the eating area, where she uses the self-serve machine to pour herself a drink. She then attempts to return behind the counter but is stopped by an employee whom she punches in the face.

The worker pushes Cleveland to the ground and punches her repeatedly in the head before the manager stops her. Cleveland moves back to the dining area before turning around and assaulting the staff once again.

As a police officer arrives, another worker intervenes and places Cleveland in handcuffs. One of the workers is overheard complaining about a black eye.

Cleveland was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault in Portage County, according to Cleveland 19 News. She was in court on Tuesday to face a judge and her court date is pending, and the Akron Beacon Journal reported that she pleaded not guilty.

The judge ordered Cleveland not to return to the McDonald’s location and not to have any contact with the alleged victims. Her bond set was at $1,000.

The police told Akron Beacon Journal that one employee had red marks and swelling on her face and a few cuts around her nose and eye, though both workers declined medical treatment.


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