A Massachusetts man allegedly attacked an elderly trumpeter on election day, police said.


One man was charged with an alleged attack on a Donald Trump supporter, who police said was attacked while holding a shield supporting the president.

Bladen Tisdell, 32, of Cotuit, Massachusetts, was charged with assault on a person over 60 years old and disorderly conduct after Tuesday’s altercation.

Officials were called to report a brawl at a fire station in Osterville at 2 p.m. on election day in which a 69-year-old man holding a “Trump 2020” sign was involved in a fight.

The Barnstable Police Department said in a statement that a younger man parked his pickup near the Trump trailer, got out of the vehicle and began screaming.

He then allegedly grabbed the Trump sign and threw it to the ground before attacking the victim.

“The younger pick-up driver began yelling at the older man, then got out of his car and continued yelling as he approached the older victim,” the police statement said.

“When he reached the older victim, the younger man grabbed the Trump sign from the victim’s hands and threw it on the ground. The younger man then grabbed the 69-year-old victim with both hands and began to shake and push it backwards while it continued to shout at him.

The older man, who refused medical treatment, helped the police to identify the suspect after he was stopped by the police.

Tisdell, who was released on bail, is scheduled to stand trial in Barnstable County Court on Wednesday.

With 93 percent of the votes counted, Joe Biden was ahead of Trump in Barnstaple County with 58 percent to 40 percent.

The Democratic candidate won the 11 Massachusetts Electoral College votes after AP announced the result with only 65 percent of the counted votes, while Biden received 66.8 percent of the votes.

Trumpf Loves the Cowboys’ Banner Waves in the Decisive Swing State of Pennsylvania

An October poll showed that a majority of both Republicans and Democrats expected an “increase in violence” in connection with the election.

The survey conducted by YouGov for Braver Angels found that 53 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans “agree or strongly agree” that there would be an increase in violence as a result of the November 3 election. A majority (57 percent) of independent voters also expect violence.

Overall, the survey found that nearly 56 percent of Americans expect an increase in violence in connection with the election. The survey was conducted from October 1 to 2 and questioned more than 1,500 respondents with an error margin of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points.

On Tuesday evening, there were angry scenes outside the White House where protesters marched through the streets and “F*** Trump! F*** Biden!” chanted as the elections closed across the country.

Fireworks were detonated on videos and confrontations between pro- and anti-trump demonstrators were shown in the streets of the capital.

One clip circulating in the social media shows a man in a storm mask asking the person filming to “stop filming” before apparently knocking the camera out of his hand.


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