A man from Wyoming is accused of gouging out the eye of another hospital patient and blinding her


A hospital inpatient in Wyoming is accused of blinding another person on his ward after he had gouged out an older woman’s eye.

According to police, the victim’s remaining eye was so severely damaged that it probably could not be repaired.

On November 26, Patrick Lee Rose, 53, was arrested by Lander police officers after medical personnel reported an attack on a patient in hospital.

In court documents, Bryan Potratz, a hospital nurse, claimed Rose carried out the attack “before he could respond.

Potratz was reportedly assisted by his sister colleague Jim Hanson in stopping the alleged attack and detaining the suspect until law enforcement authorities arrived on the scene.

The suspect was arrested while still wearing bloodstained hospital gowns. He is charged with aggravated assault and faces up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

During his trial, Rose of Dubois, Wyoming, told the judge that he had “acquired a brain injury.

Court documents cited by local news agency Casper Star-Tribune described the victim’s left eye as “malformed and swollen to the point of protruding from the eye socket.

They said when police arrived at the hospital, the victim had gauze over his right eye and a nurse was at her bedside keeping pressure on it.

Fremont County Assistant District Attorney Dan Stebner called the incident “disturbing,” adding, “It was a bizarre incident committed against a complete stranger who had not previously been involved or interacted with Mr. Rose. His mental state seems to be the driving force behind what happened.

“What seems to have resulted is that he stopped taking some prescribed medication and had a very bizarre and extreme reaction to it – as is evident from the alleged crime and the facts.

According to the Tribune, Robert Denhardt, a judge at the Federal Court of Appeal in Lander, said: “People who take psychotropic medication and suffer from a mental illness tend to believe that they don’t need to take the medication and then stop taking it and then something goes wrong with them”.

Stebner claimed that Rose’s behavior during the weekend when he was incarcerated “considers him an extreme danger, at least at that time.

Details about the victim, including her name, age and the original reason for her hospitalization, were not disclosed.

She was said to have been transferred out of state to receive further treatment for her injuries.


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