A group of literal Karens is boycotting a cafe because of a sign that uses their name as an insult.


A group of literal Karens is boycotting a cafe because of a sign that uses their name as an insult.

Karen’s name is purportedly used on a jokey sign outside a Los Angeles coffee shop, prompting a group of ladies to leave nasty reviews and complaints.

Karen has become a disparaging shorthand for a white middle-class woman who complains a lot, much to the chagrin of this bunch of actual Karens.

The Los Angeles cafe, Coffee Dose, features a lot of amusing signage and slogans, including one outside that reads, “No Karen, you can’t talk to the boss.”

“We survived a pandemic, we’ll survive your s***ty Yelp review,” another placard reads.

However, after seeing the Karen board, a group of ladies with that name appeared to decide to put this allegation to the test.

An on-screen caption in a video initially published by Coffee Dose read: “We had a very upset (literal) Karen last week after she saw our sign out front.

“She went to a real Facebook group of women named Karen and requested that they boycott our company because she had been insulted.”

The caption continued: “It’s a joke, so don’t take it seriously (unless the shoe fits). Then the most ironic thing that could have happened actually did happen.” Following that, the video displays what looks to be a flood of poor reviews and complaint emails from ladies named Karen.

According to one review: “I will not support a company that supports bullying against Karens, which includes minority women and girls. It’s odd that when people try to be advocates for the improvement of society, they ignore the unrepresented voices that are equally silenced. If you want me to ‘lighten up,’ then please tell me what makes you so different from the anonymous persons that go by the name ‘Karen.’ You’re both prospering at the expense of others, in my opinion. I won’t be able to support you until this changes.” According to another review: “The Karen meme that this cafe appears to think is OK offends me greatly. It offends, offends, offends, offends, offends, offends, offend I can’t support a local firm that doesn’t mind joking around with people’s names.” A lady connected the Karen meme to the N-word in an Instagram message displayed in the video, writing: “That’s it. This is a condensed version of the information.


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