A Dallas cop is shown on video throwing a man against a lamppost and punching him in the face.


A Dallas cop is shown on video throwing a man against a lamppost and punching him in the face.

A video shows a Dallas Police Department [DPD] officer striking a guy in the face after slamming him against a lamp pole. The exact date of the event is unknown, but the video of the brawl was broadcast online on Wednesday by a local news station.

The officer, whose name has not been made public, has been placed on administrative leave by the DPD. According to WFAA, the DPD’s internal affairs section is investigating what happened.

Multiple officers attend to a midday altercation outside of the Off the Cuff pub, according to cell phone video of the incident. The bar is a sports bar in Deep Ellum, a nightlife and entertainment zone immediately east of downtown Dallas.

Several groups fight outside the pub in the beginning of the video. On the sidewalk, two women are lying down. One steadily punches the other in the skull while holding the other’s long hair. A man tries to separate them. A man pulls another man’s shirt while hitting his body from a distance. Both attacks are stopped by officers who intervene.

A lighter-skinned individual in a white T-shirt and shorts approaches the officers separating the two fighting men near the middle of the video. The man is then pushed back into the street by a Black third cop. As he tries to maintain his balance, the man’s arms flail.

After then, the individual filming the video moves their camera from the passenger-side window to the driver-side glass. The cop is shown following the man across the crossing and then pulling him down after the camera has been moved. The man falls to his feet after stumbling and slamming his back against a corner lamppost.

The cop then straddles the man and starts hitting him in the face while the victim lies on his back, shielding his face with his arms. Two of the six punches appeared to hit the man in the face. Two more officers approach the altercation and take the officer away from the man. One of the officers pins one hand behind the man’s back after rolling him over on his front side. This is where the video finishes.

Officers who helped de-escalate the situation were praised by Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia. This is a condensed version of the information.


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