2016 Clip by Kayleigh McEnany denouncing people who ask for recounts “due to lack of evidence” reappears


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, during a press conference on Monday, made unfounded claims that the Democrats would welcome “fraud” and “illegal voting” and said they did not want an “accurate count” of the election. Now a clip of McEnany has resurfaced, criticizing people who made similar claims in 2016 after President Donald Trump’s victory.

“There is only one party in America that is trying to keep observers away from the counting room, and that party, my friends, is the Democratic Party,” McEnany said during this week’s press conference. “You don’t refuse to review the vote because you want an accurate count. … You take these positions because you welcome fraud and illegal voting,” she added, without providing evidence.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto refused to broadcast the White House official’s statements, pointing out that the accusations were unfounded. “Until she has more details to substantiate these allegations, I cannot show you any further,” Cavuto said.

On Thursday, during a CNN segment in 2016, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski shared a clip in which McEnany criticized people who demanded recounts and claimed Trump had won by fraud, “based on no evidence.

Kayleigh McEnany in November 2016: âYou have people who are trying to delegitimize the President-Elect of the United States right now. There are people out there demanding recounts that are unfounded and based on no evidence at all.âhttps://t.co/zCEvpxKPxfpic.twitter.com/wJP2WapZMq

– andrew kaczynskið¤ (@KFILE) November 12, 2020

“About an hour ago [Green candidate] Jill Stein came into our network and indicated that there were hacks or potential hacks and ‘we won’t know until we count the votes’. There are people who are trying to delegitimize the President-elect [Donald Trump],” she complained.

Washington Newsday turned to the White House press office for comment, but they did not respond immediately.

Trump and many of his supporters have claimed, without providing evidence, that Democratic President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris won the election through widespread electoral fraud. Republican and Democratic election officials and some prominent GOP lawmakers have resisted these unproven allegations.

Analysts have pointed out that electoral fraud is incredibly rare in U.S. elections and that it would be almost impossible to coordinate fraud on the scale claimed by the president. They have also pointed out that Republicans have won close Senate and House elections in the same contested states where Trump claims that the Democratic President-elect secured victory through fraud.

Despite Trump’s unwillingness to concede the election, Biden has made rapid progress in organizing his transition to president. Meanwhile, every living president – including former Republican President George W. Bush – has congratulated the president-elect on his victory. Biden has also held talks with foreign leaders from around the world, who have publicly expressed their congratulations and support.

Biden described Trump’s unwillingness to give in in his remarks to reporters on Tuesday as “an embarrassment. “We will simply carry on as we have done. We’re going to do exactly what we would have done if he had given in and said we won – which we did. So nothing really changes,” said the president-elect.


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