1 in 10 Trumpf supporters believe that Biden won the election, according to a poll.


Some supporters of President Donald Trump are not convinced that he has won the 2020 election because they believe Democratic candidate Joe Biden will move into the White House in January, according to a recent poll.

Of the people who voted for Trump, 10 percent said they believe Biden will be the next president as “election night” draws into its fourth full day. Citizens for a Strong Democracy, a two-party group focused on strengthening democratic institutions, conducted the poll among 1,000 voters in the two days following the November 3 election, Axios said.

The majority of respondents (43 percent) said they were still uncertain about the outcome of the election. Several states have yet to be called, as election officials continue to work through massive influxes of postal votes.

Thirty-seven percent of voters believe Biden won, while 18 percent believe Trump will run for a second term. Of the people who voted for Trump, only 37 percent believed he had won. Sixty-four percent of those who voted for Biden were confident that their candidate will be the next president.

The voters’ responses reflect the current state of the race. According to the Associated Press, Biden holds the majority of both popular and electoral votes, with 74.8 million and 264 votes respectively. Trump currently holds 214 votes and 70.5 million popular votes.

In Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, no winner has yet been determined. Trump is clearly in the lead in both Alaska and North Carolina, but Biden has pulled ahead by a narrow margin in the other three swing states.

Should Biden win the elections in only one state from Georgia, Nevada or Pennsylvania, he would win the presidency. However, if Trump wins both Alaska and North Carolina, he would also have to win a combination of the three remaining states if he had any hope of re-election – a feat that is becoming increasingly unlikely as the days drag on and the ballots continue to pour in.

But Trump’s ever-loyal fan base has shown its full strength this week, flocking to the major cities of the undecided states to join the president’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread electoral fraud. In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, protesters supporting both campaigns have clashed since Wednesday during non-stop demonstrations outside buildings where votes are counted, USA Today reported.

Several police departments in Bucks County-the fourth most populous district in the state-said USA Today that they have ensured that the departments are adequately staffed and prepared to respond to any incidents that may occur.

The “Citizens for a Strong Democracy” survey found that an overwhelming majority of voters (85 percent) believed that “violence is or will take place as a result of this election,” but 92 percent agreed that “violence based on the results of an election is never acceptable. Eighty percent of respondents said they would accept the outcome of the election.


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