Terrible Tennessee Teens Brutalize a 10-Year-Old – Their Mother Uploads It on TikTok


Terrible Tennessee teens spent five hours bloodying a 10-year-old girl as their mother filmed it for social media sharing.

The assault occurred in Elizabethton, Tennessee, on July 19. According to the little girl’s mother, who requested anonymity to protect her daughter’s privacy, about 7:30 a.m., some of her daughter’s friends came on their door and invited the little girl over to play.

Five hours later, the child arrived home covered in blood. The girl had “obvious bruising and swelling to her face, arms, and legs,” according to a police officer summoned to the scene. EMS rushed the young girl to the hospital’s emergency room for treatment.

A Story of Torture

When Callie’s mother realized the truth about what occurred, she was appalled and rushed to social media to tell her daughter’s tale and demand justice.

Terrible Tennessee Teens Beat 10-Year-Old Bloody

Callie informed her mother that she was attacked by a gang of kids almost immediately after arriving at her so-called friends’ residence.

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“Callie was kidnapped in their pantry and dragged through multiple rooms, where she was beaten. She had been smacked all over her face/head/body with their fists and a variety of things by multiple youngsters. Callie was humiliated and doused with bleach.”

Her mother shared this photos of her daughter’s back marks.

Not only did the children’s mother do nothing to prevent the attack, she allegedly encouraged it and recorded it, subsequently distributing the recordings to social media platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok.

Police acknowledged that they did indeed have video footage of the attack.

Furthermore, the callous mother made poor Callie mop up her own blood following the attack.


TikTok appears to have more uses than just entertainment, however. A Tennessee mother took to Facebook on July 22nd to share a horrific story about her 10-year-old daughter allegedly being abused.

Brittany O’Connell began her Facebook post: “I was hesitant to post this but we are on day 4, and my daughters voice is still being silenced! Very disturbing images I will not include the other pictures/videos as they are too graphic. The faces are also scratched out as they are juveniles.”

Callie’s Justice

When word of this horrifying story and photographs of the attack’s aftermath spread, the community and nation responded with an outpouring of solidarity.

A Change.org petition has been established in support of charging the adolescent attackers as adults. Additionally, friends established a GoFundMe to pay medical expenses and Callie’s mother’s time away from work. That fundraising has now surpassed its $1,000 goal by sevenfold.

Additionally, community members staged a march in support of the young girl and to demand justice. The toddler has been treated to everything from free pizza to a motorcycle ride by supporters.

However, the family’s primary objective was justice. Police pleaded for patience, stating that it was critical to conduct an exhaustive investigation to ensure that any charges would stick.

Attending Arrests

According to Elizabethton Police Chief Jason Shaw, an investigation into the severe and distressing issue is ongoing. The victim is a juvenile, as are the suspects. This is a sensitive subject that we take very seriously. Our investigators are conducting a thorough investigation, which includes reviewing evidence, conducting appropriate interviews, and consulting with the district attorney, the juvenile court, and child protective services. We want to ensure that the case is handled appropriately for the benefit of all parties. After the inquiry is complete, the suspect minors will face the relevant charges.”

Two teenagers were arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault on Friday, police stated. They were held in a juvenile prison facility pending their next court hearings in juvenile court.

That, however, is insufficient for Callie’s mother. She is seeking the arrest and prosecution of the mother of the children involved in the assault.


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