Summary and Spoilers for ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 74 Drafts: Vegeta vs Granolah


Summary and Spoilers for ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 74 Drafts: Vegeta vs Granolah

After his battle with the great Cerealian Granolah, Goku is fatigued and injured. The most recent drafts for “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 74 have been released, showing Vegeta preparing to battle Granolah.

DbsHype, a Twitter user, has published the drafts and summary for Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The Sugarians are heading out of the city to a safer area in the next chapter.

The combat between Vegeta and Granolah begins elsewhere. Vegeta tells his opponent that the abilities of clone and fusion are meaningless.

Granolah, on the other hand, claims he was conserving his stamina in order to defeat Vegeta’s master, Freeza. Vegeta wonders if Granolah is aware that he is no longer employed by Freeza. Vegeta and Freeza are also foes.

Granolah grins, observing Vegeta’s betrayal of his lord in order to save himself. Goku also stated that he is not the villain, according to Oatmeel, although Granolah believes the Saiyans are part of Freeza’s gang.

Vegeta says that the Saiyans raided Planet Cereal while he was a child, and that he has nothing to do with this. Granolah, on the other hand, is still determined to kill every Saiyan, and Vegeta has no choice but to confront him.

Furthermore, in Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Vegeta promises to wipe Granolah and his history from existence. The next panel from the drafts depicts Vegeta gaining strength as he destroys the area around him.

Oil is shocked by the tremendous explosion, which nearly kills a few Sugarians.

The struggle between Goku and Granolah resumed in the previous chapter. The chapter began with Goku and Granolah trading punches.

Granolah was taken aback as he saw Goku evade his blows. He was curious as to whether Goku had used his avoidance technique.

Blue Plus Ultra Instinct is a difficult form for any fighter to counter, according to Goku. Granolah fired a beam attack at Goku, but he effortlessly avoided it.

Goku retaliated by launching a Kamehameha at him. The Kamehameha strike absolutely threw Granolah off. Stronger strikes and evasive methods, on the other hand, will not aid the Super Saiyan, according to Granolah. According to the Cerealian, his right eye is always locked on the enemy’s crucial areas.

Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be released on Tuesday. Viz and Manga Plus will have the chapter available.


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