On ‘General Hospital,’ who is coming and going? The Recovery Prompts of Kirsten Storms Exit for Maxie


On ‘General Hospital,’ who is coming and going? The Recovery Prompts of Kirsten Storms Exit for Maxie

Maxie Jones has gone above and above to avoid Peter August from corrupting their child on “General Hospital.” However, the actress, Kirsten Storms, was recovering from a severe surgery as the character was going through a major battle onscreen.

Storms will be taking a break from the ABC soap opera after undergoing surgery to remove a non-cancerous cyst in her brain.

The 37-year-old actress stated on Monday that she will be temporarily quitting “GH” to focus on her health. Fans who have been following Storms’ narrative know that her character, Maxie, entrusted her baby to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) after learning that her baby’s father, Peter (Wes Ramsey), was a serial killer.

Maxie was last seen on “General Hospital” on July 19, when she decided to return to Texas with her baby and abandon Port Charles.

After undergoing the procedure and assuring followers that she was well, Storms initially informed them about her brain surgery in June.

“So I haven’t really talked about this much, if at all. I had brain surgery less than 48 hours ago, hence the neck brace. Storms claimed in a series of Instagram Stories at the time, “It was on the lower portion of my brain.”

Storms claimed that her operation was the result of years of suffering with a variety of health conditions.

“I spent the last few years having various health difficulties that I dismissed as side effects from my medications or just something I was experiencing due to my age,” she later said on Instagram.

A cyst was detected linked to the bottom section of her brain after her doctor requested an MRI. “I consider myself really fortunate that my situation was not more catastrophic and that I had a fantastic neurosurgeon who knew exactly what to do right away,” she said.

“I won’t admit, brain surgery made me scared, but I’m grateful to my family, friends, and great ‘work family’ for being so supportive, kind, and caring during a time when I was experiencing a lot of emotions.”

Storms, on the other hand, remained positive about her rehabilitation and hoped that the new plates in her head would allow her to knit a sweater in one day.

For the time being, “GH” has not revealed any plans to replace Storms with another actress, and it is uncertain when Maxie will return to Port Charles.


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