Jill Biden and Rosita from Sesame Street Talk About New Military Family Race Literacy Initiative


Jill Biden and Rosita from Sesame Street Talk About New Military Family Race Literacy Initiative

Dr. Jill Biden will appear on “Sesame Street” to help military families talk to their children about compassion, fairness, and race.

Biden will be joined by Rosita, a turquoise muppet who is a multilingual Mexican-American who comes from a military family. Since Barbara Bush, every first lady has appeared on “Sesame Street,” with the exception of Melania Trump.

Rosita tells Biden she’s working on a project to honor how her military family makes her unique, and she gushes about becoming a “upstander” in a new clip from the chat.

“And there’s another thing I’m quite proud of, Dr. Biden, which I only recently discovered: I’m an upstander. That means I speak out for myself and my friends with loving words and actions,” Rosita explained.

Biden’s participation will be part of a new collection launched by the Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and military families develop race literacy.

In a statement, Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Sesame Workshop’s senior vice president for U.S. Social Impact, stated, “Military and veteran families practice service in everything they do, and they live their lives with purpose – qualities that help them face injustices like racism.”

“It’s typical to see people of many ethnicities and backgrounds living, working, and playing together in a military kid’s environment. Military parents and caregivers may help their children grow into decent global citizens by taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to openly discuss prejudice and celebrate who they are on the inside and out.”

Families can discuss honestly about race and appreciate everything about themselves as part of the new Coming Together project.

There are also printable activities, adult articles, professional development tools, and other resources available through the program.

The educational children’s television show is well-versed in assisting military families. In September, “Sesame Street for Military Families” will celebrate its 15th anniversary.


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