Do you have any travel plans for the holidays? To Make Your Trip As Easy As Possible, Try These Simple Vaccine Apps.


Do you have any travel plans for the holidays? To Make Your Trip As Easy As Possible, Try These Simple Vaccine Apps.

The holiday travel season is here, and it is expected to make up for all of the lost travel time and income caused by COVID-19 last year.

Americans are already packing their belongings in preparation for planned journeys to see their family or to enjoy a vacation after a year of hard work. According to the American Automobile Association, 53.4 million individuals will travel for Thanksgiving alone. Meanwhile, according to travel data firm Hopper, throughput at US airports would be approximately 1.9 million people per day for Thanksgiving and 2 million for Christmas.

COVID-19, however, is still with us all, having outstayed its welcome for yet another holiday season. What makes this year different from 2020 is that a huge number of Americans and other tourists have been vaccinated against the virus, boosting their safety and making them feel more at ease while traveling.

Many airlines, corporations, governments, and countries, on the other hand, will need documentation that you have been vaccinated or have tested negative at the very least. It’s still necessary to keep your vaccination records on hand, but because we’re living in the digital era, here are three vaccination applications that can make your travels go more smoothly.


VeriFLY, developed by Daon, a Virginia-based biometrics business, is designed to save and make your travel health data conveniently accessible during your trip. You can get it from the Apple App Store or Google Play, whichever is more convenient for you.

What makes the app even more useful is that it is free, simple to use, and useful for exchanging information on your destination’s COVID-19 entrance criteria.

Following the creation of a secure profile on your mobile device, the app will ask you to confirm trip details such as flight information, a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination, and other relevant documentation for flying. The app confirms that your test or vaccine meets the immunization requirements of your destination country, and if it does, it will give you a “pass” or “fail” notice.

The software was first tested in November of last year, and a number of large international airlines have since approved it. Companies like Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and Japan Airlines, as well as a few cruise lines like Viking Cruises, have all connected prospective travelers with VeriFLY, according to the app’s website.


Look no further than CommonPass if you’re seeking for a one-stop-shop for all of your immunization and COVID-19 testing information.

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