X-factor sex offender Danny Tetley is convicted of personal hygiene of underage boys.


The disgraced candidate appeared in the 2018 X Factor series and was sentenced to nine years in prison in January under an extended sentence of 17 years.

The perverted X Factor semi-finalist Danny Tetley has had his prison sentence reduced by three years for sexual exploitation of underage boys.

The former semi-finalist paid underage boys for offensive pictures

The Criminal Appeals Office said: “The full court upheld the appeal and the verdict is now an extended sentence of 14 years, including nine years’ imprisonment and an extended license period of five years.

However, following a successful appeal, this sentence has now been reduced to just five years – reports Mirror Online.

The 39-year-old Tetley faces eight years of surveillance under license upon his release.

He told one of them: “Trust me, money is no problem as long as they are good.

Tetley pleaded guilty to seven counts of causing sexual exploitation of boys between the ages of 14 and 16 and two counts of distributing indecent images.

A court heard he sent thousands of text and WhatsApp messages between October 2018 and August 2019 and “probably spent many thousands of pounds” to convince seven teenagers to send him sexual images.

At the time of his conviction, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told him: “Those who are in the public eye have a deep responsibility, which many, as you can see, are fulfilling in a great way, with additional work for society.

He promised money and gifts and used his celebrity from the show to groom teenage boys, some of whom were only 14 years old.

“I’m afraid many will see you in some way for what you are: a despicable creature with very few redeeming qualities.

The judge said there was considerable interest in the conviction “because of the extent of depravity shown in this case, including a number of young victims, but also because of your celebrity status, which has now disappeared, stained and destroyed.

The judge described the insult as “blatant and disgusting” and added: “The level to which you, Mr. Tetley, have sunk to was incredible”.

“When he was locked up, he was penniless. It had come easily, gone easily, as the saying goes.”

He added that Tetley’s motivation was solely to win pictures and that he had no interest in going any further.

Andrew Dallas, the defense attorney, told the court: “He was practically alone in a very public world, emotionally vulnerable and received money for his singing, which is all gone now.


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