Woman caught at an illegal house party and thrown out by police officers.


Lauren Taylor, 20, traveled to a vacant dormitory in Wavertree with friends from Greater Manchester on Saturday, May 2.

A young woman threw police officers out when she was arrested at an illegal house party during the lockdown.

The officers found nitrous oxide canisters, balloons and “powder residue” in the dormitory, which was sealed off.

But when they began issuing fixed parking tickets for Covid 19 violations, Taylor gave a false name and became aggressive.

Officials found 12 people inside, along with nitrous oxide canisters, balloons and “powder residue that the police thought was drugs.

The police searched the house after being alerted by the landlord, who was informed that a party was taking place on his property.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that four officers suffered minor injuries during the incident in Garmoyle Road at about 8.30pm.

Police footage shows that Taylor resisted being handcuffed before being “put on the floor” by a group of police officers.

Henry Riding, the prosecutor, said: “When she was laid on the floor, or was actually on the floor, she kicked the officers with her legs”.

Taylor of Talbot Road, Hyde, was charged with four counts of assaulting an emergency responder and one count of obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty.

The students at the address were all overseas students in Ireland and the majority of the 12 people at the party were from Manchester.

Today she pleaded not guilty to the four assaults, which was accepted by the Crown after admitting an amended version of the lesser offence in which she claimed to have obstructed or resisted four officers.

Martine Snowdon, the defense attorney, said the police video showed Taylor giving a false name to an officer but then being asked for her phone number.

She said her client used her cell phone to look for her number and read it out loud, but the officer discovered another name besides her real number and challenged her.

The lawyer added, “Because of the false name, he grabbed her wrist and said I’m going to arrest you.

Ms. Snowdon said, “She immediately says ‘oh yes, I’m sorry, I panicked’, in essence.

Mrs Snowdon told the court that the incident had been “quickly” cleared up and added: “She is shocked that she is in this situation and deeply regrets the confrontation that arose in the situation when it was not necessary, because it was a very calm situation where people only gave their statements when they were asked to leave Liverpool, go home and dissolve the party.

She asked Judge Andrew Menary, QC, Liverpool’s volunteer clerk, to impose a conditional release.

“She wants to know why she is being arrested, and at first she does not comply. She moves against the officer who has held her wrist, and other officers intervene”.


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