Wirral’s Covid-19 case numbers show a slight decrease despite a strong increase in one area.


In the seven days to October 26, Wirral recorded 886 infections at a rate of 273 per 100,000.

The number of coronavirus infections in Wirral has remained stable despite a sharp increase in one area.

The numbers are coming in, although regional hotspots are experiencing a significant decrease in case numbers

This breakdown is a few days behind the national reporting of daily cases and covers the seven days until October 23.

However, a more detailed breakdown of the figures, which examines how many infections there were in each of Wirral’s 22 council stations, showed that case numbers have risen sharply in Bidston and St. James.

This is a slight decrease from the previous week’s rate of 290, although this small decrease is due to a drop from 292 to 273 on the last day of this week’s numbers, which could be revised in the coming days.

While the numbers in Wirral appear to be quite stable overall, the region’s two main hotspots, Liverpool and Knowsley, have seen a significant drop in case numbers.

Bidston and St. James recorded 104 infections in the week to October 23, compared to only 43 cases the week before.

This makes the area currently the worst affected ward in the district, above Upton with 64 cases and Birkenhead and Tranmere with 58 cases.

As a result of this encouraging decrease, the infection rate for the whole Liverpool City area, which includes Liverpool, Knowsley, Wirral, Sefton, St Helens and Halton, fell from 469 to 387.

The infection rate in Liverpool fell from 576 to 435 between October 19 and 26, while the rate in Knowsley fell from 663 to 514.

Since 14 October, Tier 3 rules have been in force throughout the Liverpool City Region and residents are warned that the upcoming Halloween and bonfire night celebrations are no excuse for breaking the rules.

he said: “We are committed to finding the right balance between protecting people from the spread of the coronavirus and ensuring that they can still enjoy this time.

Chief Inspector Peter Clark, who runs the Halloween operation for Merseyside Police, said people will be taken to court for breaking the restrictions during the celebrations.

“However, where people are in breach of the restrictions we will take action.

“No one should have to suffer from being the victim of anti-social behaviour and I want to assure everyone that there will be additional patrols with high visibility during this time.

“Our message regarding antisocial behavior during this period remains simple – it will not be tolerated, and anyone caught committing this type of crime will be treated with determination and robustness.


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