Wirecard-Story: Sky plans miniseries and documentary about financial scandal.


The Wirecard scandal offers enough material for a film story. The pay-TV station Sky plans to film the financial fraud as a mini-series. A 90-minute documentary in cooperation with rbb is also scheduled for release soon.

Following the RTL streaming service TV NOW, the payment channel Sky also plans to film the multi-billion euro financial scandal involving the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard. A fictional mini-series is planned, as Sky announced in Munich on Monday. In addition, there will be a 90-minute documentary in cooperation with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb), as the ARD broadcaster confirmed. Previously, the news magazine “Der Spiegel” had reported.

“It’s about betrayal, lack of responsibility and loss of values – and it’s about the courageous people who, despite persecution, ridicule and malice, did not let themselves be deterred from bringing the truth to light,” producer Gabriela Sperl told “NSU – Mitten in Deutschland”). “Wirecard is also a story of the upright, a story about moral courage, about role models, who we need today more than ever.

Shooting for the series is scheduled to start next year. Work on the documentary is scheduled to start in early fall. Dates for the broadcast are not yet fixed. TV NOW and UFA Fiction plan to show their docu-drama in the first quarter of 2021. An audio podcast with several episodes is also planned. Martina Zöllner, head of film and documentaries at rbb, does not feel that this will put her under any pressure. “A documentary like this is not a rush job. It starts with thorough research, which takes time”.

In fact, Wirecard is complex, not only because the former Chief Sales Officer Jan Marsalek is a fugitive. In the meantime, the former Dax Group from Aschheim near Munich has admitted air bookings of 1.9 billion euros. The damage could amount to up to 3.2 billion euros. The share price of the up-and-coming stock market star plunged into the abyss, bouncing thousands of investors. There are accusations in politics that the company was handled with kid gloves by supervisory authorities despite indications of irregularities.

“A financial crime thriller of this dimension, the mystery of a fraud of epic proportions and its mysterious protagonists, is not only material for an insightful documentary, but also contains countless narrative threads and complex characters as the basis for a fictional series,” Ammon said.

Unlike historical material, however, the investigations are not yet complete. “We have chosen a narrative approach that allows us to ask the right questions without being able to conclusively clarify all the answers,” said Zöllner with BLick in response to the documentary. “We will take up different pieces of evidence; it is even possible that we can support the investigation with our research.”



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