While his partner was pregnant, Dad downloaded child rape photos.


While his partner was pregnant, Dad downloaded child rape photos.

While his fiancée was pregnant with their child, a young father downloaded photographs of child sex abuse.

Jake Lilliot was apprehended with 11 obscene photos, including three gruesome child rape files.

Later, the 26-year-old stated that he wanted to destroy the photos and submit them to authorities.

As Lilliot wailed, a judge dismissed his claims, but he was spared incarceration in part because of his parenting responsibilities.

Lilliot’s home in Treetops Drive, Bidston, Wirral, was raided by police on June 13 last year, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

Police seized the paedophile’s computer gadgets, according to prosecutor Christopher Hopkins.

They discovered three Category A photographs of child rape, as well as four Category B and four Category C images of child sex abuse.

Between April 4 and June 13, 2020, the files including images of youngsters as young as eight were downloaded.

Lilliot defended himself in court after pleading guilty to one count of possessing and three counts of downloading indecent photos of children.

He sobbed as he described the photographs as “terrible” and expressed regret, before claiming he meant to report the files to police before being caught.

Judge Robert Trevor-Jones asked Lilliot if he had any objections to the prosecution’s request for a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

“I’m not a danger to any youngsters at all,” Lilliot protested.

The court then inquired of a man and woman in the public gallery if they were Lilliot’s parents, which they confirmed.

Lilliot’s mother explained that her family didn’t inform her about her son’s offenses until the beginning of the year since she was getting medical treatment at the time and they didn’t want to upset her.

His father admitted that he was unaware of the court proceedings until then, that his son had since informed him that he intended to erase the images, and that he and Lilliot’s mother were “mortified.”

Judge Trevor-Jones told Lilliot that he committed the crimes “when your former partner, it appears, was expecting your kid.”

“I accept that this all began some time ago, when you became addicted to adult pornography, as you acknowledged in your police interview,” he said.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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