What would trigger Boris Johnson’s ‘Plan B,’ according to Covid’s Winter Plan?


What would trigger Boris Johnson’s ‘Plan B,’ according to Covid’s Winter Plan?

With winter approaching, it’s possible that some covid-19 limits will be implemented once more.

According to the Mirror, masks may once again become necessary under the government’s new winter strategy, which also involves working from home and vaccine passports.

Boris Johnson has outlined his preparations for the coming months, including various contingency plans in case things spiral out of hand again.

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The government’s “Plan A” for containing the virus includes booster shots for the elderly and other susceptible populations, a first dosage for children aged 12 to 15, and instructions to use masks in enclosed settings.

Mandatory vaccinations for NHS personnel are being discussed, while twice-weekly Covid tests in secondary schools will continue until at least Christmas.

In the next weeks, the traffic light system for international travel will be revamped, with suspicion that the green and amber categories may be eliminated.

The 30-page document also includes a toolset of harsher measures in the event that the NHS in England is put under “unsustainable pressure” over the winter months.

Masks would be required in specific circumstances under “Plan B,” and vaccine passports would be required in areas like nightclubs, outdoor festivals, and football games.

Ministers will consider ordering employees to work from home if they are able, and public education campaigns will be launched to inform the public of the change in risk.

The measures may not be implemented all at once, since the PM stated that if the number of instances increased, plan B included “a lot of various shots in the locker.”

“You wouldn’t necessarily play them all at once, far from it; you’d want to do things in a graded manner,” he remarked.

But when will we need a backup plan?

Although No. 10 has stated that there are no specific criteria that will activate Plan B, there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

The Covid winter plan’s declared goal is to keep the NHS from being put under “unsustainable pressure.”

This means that starting in Covid-19, the government will keep a close eye on the amount of people who end up in hospitals.

As a result of the vaccination rollout’s success, hospitalization rates have dropped considerably since the beginning of the year. “The summary has come to an end.”


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